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Example 1: failure caused by the mixing of coolant in the automatic transmission
        A santana junjie car is weak and difficult to start. When the car is checked, the engine works normally. The car has no forward trend; Slowly increase the throttle, the engine speed up to 3000r/min, the car barely started. According to the car owner, the car just ran 800km, all normal after departure, then felt the driving powerlessness, and the shift has a delayed impact. It is difficult to get off the road when the engine reaches 2000r/min. Obviously, the automatic transmission fails. The santana junjie car is equipped with the 01N automatic transmission, judging the electronic control system from the warning signs. Check the oil and oil level of the automatic transmission, and find that the automatic transmission oil is milky white, which is a remarkable characteristic of the engine coolant in the ATF. This kind of failure is usually caused by the corrosion damage of ATF radiators, replacing the radiator, circulating oil, and troubleshooting.
Example 2: the automatic transmission of oil change is not completely caused by the failure
          A Toyota crown 3. The speed of the car can only reach 55km/h, and the automatic transmission high block has a serious sliding phenomenon. Check the automatic transmission oil, the liquid surface is normal, but the color has become black and brown, and has a coke smell. Remove the oil bottom of the transmission and find a lot of grinding and black particles. Check the grinding and black particles for friction material. Obviously, this is a typical clutch or brake failure. Breakdown transmission, found high gear clutch friction plate blackened and fracture phenomenon, and the pressure plate also has different degrees of color (blue). Replace the high gear clutch, add the ATF according to the regulation, the test car is normal. Ten days later, the car was found to be less dynamic than it used to be, checking for oil and brown. Remove the oil bottom shell and find that there are still some debris particles. The brake and clutch of the transmission are normal. The problem? The ATF radiators and body were not cleaned during the last burn, and the residual liquid in the torque converter and radiator was contaminated with the newly added ATF after the oil pump cycle. When cleaning, it is found that the accumulator is stuck in a tiny fragment, and the piston lag causes a change of gears. Automatic transmission, therefore, burn or after ATF metamorphism, be sure to place the radiator, the body, torque converter, gear transmission mechanism, and a thorough cleaning, gearbox shell and circulating oil change with the special oil for machine. If there is no special oil change machine, should put off in the oil sump oil accounts for only about half of the total amount of oil (), and use compressed air to blow out of the oil radiator, add new oil after all the tests are run back into the artificial oil change.
Example 3: the automatic transmission oil model chooses the fault caused by mistake
         The power of a Shanghai buick is reduced and there is a shift impact. The test of the test, the change of the impact of the impact is more obvious, low speed, the power drop is not obvious, the high speed has the slip phenomenon. After commissioning, ATF temperature has reached normal operating temperature (82 ℃ ~ 93 ℃), idle speed condition check automatic transmission oil, found that the oil level is too high, light color has a bubble. Automatic transmission of liquid level height is strict, the oil level is lower than the standard, the pump will be inhaled air and oil due to the mixing of gear rotating parts produce a large number of bubbles, the bubbles into the hydraulic control system will also reduce hydraulic skid. The fault of the car may be caused by excessive oil level, the release of excess oil to the required oil level, the retesting of the car, the sliding phenomenon disappeared, but there is still a change in the impact. The car had just changed oil five days ago. After changing oil, it appeared to have a change of gears. Apparently, the fault was related to the ATF. Though, it should use DExRON ATF Ⅲ type, but the owner in Ford F standard type. The type of automatic transmission oil is different, and the friction system is different. If the DEX is wrong with type F, it will cause a shift impact. And the F type wrong with DEXRoN type, will cause the clutch, the brake to slip. Therefore, the ATF must be changed in accordance with the specified model, which is neither wrong nor mixed. In general, the automatic transmission fails, and the ATF also changes in color and quality.


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