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       Car leakage is a common phenomenon. Leak usually appear in the switch of door, trunk, the reason this happens mostly is waterproof, also is bad, old article waterproof glue system aging or rupture, the rain will be immersed in from there. The adhesive, which is specially made of waterproof strips, can be reattached to prevent leakage.
       Generally, the water is leaking from above, but also from the bottom, which is caused by the cementing of the bottom plate. There are several holes in the bottom board, and the rubber plugs are inserted from the top. After the deviation, the car is directly connected with the ground, and the rain seeps down from the bottom. When the floor is wet, you should first suspect it.
        When it rains, drips of water dripping from the wet umbrella will wet the foot pad. If you don't dry it, it will become moldy. If the car is mouldy, it can be difficult to remove the musty smell, sometimes causing respiratory problems. When you put your umbrella in the car, take care to dump the water, put it in a plastic bag, and dry the wet foot pad as soon as possible.
        The general car leakage is not more than the following:
        1. The waterproofing strip around the door is easy to deflect. If rainwater enters the car, please check the water proof bar.
        2. Glue the loose water resistant strip and reattach it with special adhesive. Restore the sealing performance so that it will not leak rain, the used car will also pay attention to the aging of the waterproof strip.
        3. The leakage of rain around the door is mainly due to the waterproof strips around the door to check for breakage and peeling.
        4. Part of the waterproof strip is raised or distorted, and the rainwater will often flow from there, and must be replaced when seriously deformed.
        5. When peeling, use a waterproof adhesive called sealant to reaffix the adhesive, and be careful not to strain it.
        6. When a small part of it is loose and difficult to stick, peel it off and then glue it, so that it can repair the distortion and relaxation of the waterproof strip.
        7. There are also waterproof bars around the suitcase, which often appear to be tight and twisted, and the rain water is immersed in the gap.
8. Peel the water proof bar, and after the adhesive, apply rubber protection agent to restore the elastic force, which can be solved.
9. Turn over the floor and reveal the glue. If the glue plugs off, the water will dip into the car from the road.
10. Same with the luggage, check if the glue at the bottom is fully chimed.


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