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1. Flat key and semicircle key connection

The flat key ---- the side of the key is the working face, the key and the key slot squeeze to transfer the torque, the flat key is divided into three kinds - the ordinary flat key \ guide flat key \ slide key

Thin flat keys for thin-walled parts

There are three kinds of ordinary flat keys, used for static connection, guide keys used for dynamic connection, divided into two kinds of round head and square head, the use of sliding keys when the axial movement distance is large

Semi-circular key ---- cut after round steel or stamping, semicircle key: side work, the advantage is good process, can automatically adapt to the slope requirements, the disadvantage is that the keyway on the shaft is deep; semicircle key: generally in the cone A semicircle key is set on the shaft surface

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat and Semi-circle Bonding ----Simple, Compact, Reliable, Easy Installation and Disassembly, Low Cost, Keyway weakens shaft strength, stress concentration, centering difficulty, no

Axial force transmission and fixation

Semicircle key transmission torque method

The semi-circular key transmits torque through the side, and the key can swing around the center of arc curvature of the bottom of the groove in the shaft groove, and the assembly is convenient. The keyway is deeper and weakens the shaft.


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