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       Bearing wear; Intermixed bearing; Pump mounting and incorrect; Vibration from external pipe network; Surge. The operation control of gear grinding machine is a closed control system composed of synchronous coupling plate, control board and motor. The closed control system is the control core and the motor's startup is related.
       The fault phenomenon is that the grinding wheel and the workpiece motor can be started simultaneously, but the machine tool hydraulic system suddenly stops working. It is the direct cause of the failure to check the relay of the hydraulic motor and find that the relay in the control line is switched off and the motor power supply contactor is disconnected.
        The main function of the synchronous coupled plate is to keep the output speed of the motor on different transmission chains at the same time. Its working principle is through the variable resistance directly on the control panel output control signal, through comparing the two motor feedback, automatic control panel of the control signal, achieve the purpose of motor speed, ensure that the grinding wheel and workpiece synchronous motor speed increase and decrease. Coupling plate work, grinding wheel motor and artifacts of feedback signal through the logic circuit control, when two feedback signal waveform difference about cycle, switch, motor stalling, thus protecting device.
        Coupling plate working conditions: after ac and dc power supply to the coupling plate, the switch on the coupling plate should be closed, indicating that the synchronous coupling is ready to be completed. After the click of the telex button, the direct current induces the coupling plate, indicating that the motor control board is checked correctly. After pressing the work button, the drive coupling plate is sent to the motor control board to start the command signal and start the motor.


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