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Dissect a new sports car Corvette Corvette, you will find that 80% of the parts are forging parts; US military's latest F-35 fighters, 80% of which are forging parts. Please do not be surprised. In the world's automotive, aircraft, weapons, ships, electricity, metallurgy, electronics and household appliances, all important components that are loaded or need to work under high temperature and high pressure are metal. Material forged by pressure. The forging industry as the basic industry of the machinery manufacturing industry has an important influence on the equipment manufacturing industry and national defense construction. The manufacturing and manufacturing capabilities of the forging industry have also become an important indicator of a country's industrial level. As an industrial power, the United States, Japan, and European countries have always maintained a world-class level in forging technology. The

      With the shift of global manufacturing to China, the Chinese forging industry has also experienced rapid growth of 30% for many years from 2001-2006. In 2007, the output value of the forging industry fell back to 20%. In 2008, the economic situation at home and abroad was further turbulent. The prices of upstream raw materials and the downstream consumer goods market continued to decline. Will the cold weather in China's forging industry also come?

      Looking back at the old newspapers in 2007, the outlook for the high-profile triumphal song contrasts sharply with the current adjustment of the “global economic crisis”. If you quote the analysis data of the previous year, you will find that the forging industry is still “high-speed growth” and “broad prospects”: annual output of 3.7 million tons of forgings, the world’s largest output, more than 40,000 forging companies, 1.4 million employees, forecasts The growth rate of the industry is over 20%, and the development space is huge, with the most promising and most promising markets...

       “Specialized cold forging parts enterprises have only 11% gross margin in 2008, which has dropped to the lowest level in the calendar year,” said Mr. Zhang Jin, general secretary of the Forging and Pressing Association. “The industry’s reasonable gross profit margin should be between 20% and 30%. The industry is healthy. Under the current circumstances, industrial investment is large, and the benefits are low. No one is willing to invest in it.” For cold forging industries where the value of production equipment is often in the tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, such meager profits make it possible to recover investment. It became distant thing.

      The cost pressure brought by rising iron ore prices is being further transmitted from the upstream steel industry to the forging industry; the rising cost of electricity caused by rising coal prices continues unabated. Affected by the economic downturn and monetary tightening policies, domestic consumer spending has been restrained to a certain extent, and the automotive industry, the big forge of the forging industry, has lowered its expectations. Even in the general consumer products field, the decrease in the demand for production equipment caused by the decline in potential consumption levels will also have an impact on the forging industry. At the same time, the decline of export-oriented companies has also led to a reduction in demand for forgings.

The extensive position of the forging industry in the equipment manufacturing industry has now become the disadvantage of being under pressure everywhere.

      "The hammer hits the gold with two rings." This sentence describes the past forging industry. "At that time, it was a few dollars to go down." An old worker with 30 years experience in the forging industry introduced (free-forging cold forgings are controlled by the foot). Today, the forging business landscape is no longer the same year. The overcapacity of low-end forgings formed during the market's rising period has turned into a power to compete for prices, making many under-ordered companies miserable.

      The prosperity of the past few years does not seem to have brought too much accumulation to the cold forging industry. China's current annual output of 3.7 million tons of forgings, free forgings accounted for 27% of about 1 million tons, die forgings accounted for 73% of about 270 million tons. Compared with previous years, the proportion of die forgings has increased (previously only 65%), but there are still gaps compared with advanced countries.


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