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       Aluminum alloy wheel hub with its beautiful appearance, safe and comfortable features won the favor of more private car owners. Now, almost all of the new models are made of aluminum alloy wheels, and many car owners have replaced the wheel hubs with aluminum alloy wheels.
       The alloy wheel hub is mainly made of aluminum, and the metal elements of manganese, magnesium, chromium and titanium are added. Compared with the steel wheel hub, the alloy wheel hub has the characteristics of energy saving, safety and comfort, so more and more cars have made the alloy wheel hub as the standard configuration.
Three characteristics of alloy wheel hub:
Energy saving
       Lightweight alloy wheels, manufacture high precision, rotating at high speed when the deformation of small, small inertia resistance, is conducive to improve the performance of cars drive straight line to reduce tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing the fuel consumption.
      The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is three times that of steel. The heat dissipation effect is very good, thus enhancing the braking performance, improving the life of the tire and brake disc, and effectively guaranteeing the safe driving of the car.
       The car that holds the alloy wheel hub generally USES the cushioning and the shock absorption performance than the flat tire of the ordinary tire, makes the car on the uneven road or the high speed driving, the comfortable sex greatly increases.
       Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy wheels:
       Aluminum alloy wheel hub is beautiful, easy and easy to save oil; The expansion rate of aluminum alloy is high and the elasticity is good. Heat dissipation: thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy and steel. Good rigidity, good roundness, not deformation, the parts of the car wear small, suitable for high-speed driving; Steel is soft, easy to deform, four-wheel positioning is useless, high speed (over 160) obviously the car will shake, affecting the life of the car; It is flexible and improves the smoothness of the vehicle and it is easier to absorb vibration and noise in the movement. But this wheel hub is slightly less durable and cannot be repaired once a hard object is encountered
Maintenance method of aluminum alloy wheel hub:
         1. When the wheel at high temperature, should let the cleaning of the reentry after natural cooling, don't use cold water to wash, otherwise, can make the aluminum alloy wheel hub is damaged, or even deform the brake disc and affect the braking effect. In addition, cleaning aluminum alloy wheel hub with detergent at high temperature can cause chemical reaction on the surface of wheel hub, lose luster and influence aesthetics.
         2. When the wheel touch too hard on the removal of tar, if general cleaners, usable brush try to clear, but do not use hard brush, especially iron brush, so as not to damage the wheel hub surface. In this case, to the private car owners to introduce a kind of the removal of the asphalt, which is to use the medicinal "activating oil" to apply, can get the unexpected effect.
        3. When the area of the vehicle is wet or near the shore, the hub should be washed frequently to avoid the corrosion of the aluminum surface.
        4. When necessary, clean and clean, the wheel hub can be waxed to maintain its luster.


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